The need of operating multiple stores

Creating multiple shopify stores is a very common approach to expand your ecommerce business. You may want to expand your business to an international market. Or increase your target audiences or niches. You can sell to different budgets, and different customer segments. The benefits of operating multiple shopify stores are many and if you are reading this, you probably own and operate multiple shopify stores and understand the advantages of doing so…

The Challenge of operating multiple shopify stores

The benefits are many, but so are the challenges of running multiple shopify stores, and ecomsolo is here to help you deal with them in the most intuitive way:

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One dashboard for all your stores

Unfortunately shopify is one dashboard per store platform, meaning in order to view your store’s orders (customers, etc.) you need to switch the dashboard to that specific store. Ecomsolo comes to solve this problem. With Ecomsolo you can have one dashboard for all your stores. So, there is one dashboard for all your shopify orders, one dashboard for all your customers etc.

In addition, these dashboards are enriched with advanced filters, like order total greater than, less than, date range of order creation, and of course you can filter with the store the was created.

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Export everything in one file

Another amazing feature of these dashboards is that you can export your orders, customers, etc with a click of a button and of course these exports include all the stores you want. So you can download all your datasets of all your stores in a single file.

One common question we get from new customers is:
I want to export all my orders on a set frequency (weekly, monthly, etc) and pull them into an excel file that contains all order information for all my stores. Can Ecomsolo do this? And the answer to this question is “Yes, it can”.

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Time zone & Currency conversion support

One other major challenge that merchants who operate multiple stores face, is time zone and currency conversion support. It is very common to operate stores with different currencies and different time zones.

For example you might run one ecom store in United states with USD and Eastern Time and another one in United Kingdom with GBP and GMT+1 time zone. For this example, and in order to get a unified report for your orders from these 2 stores in one file, by using shopify’s native features, you need to export the orders from the two stores and then convert the currency and timezone of one store to the other’s and then add them to same file. Then you need to order by timezone and you get your file. Imagine having to do that every few hours, or even worst, imagine you have 15 stores…

With Ecomsolo you get Timezone and Currency conversion out of the box! You just need to set your default timezone and your default currency and Ecomsolo does the rest. Ecomsolo updates currency rates daily and if you want you can get your orders, sales, etc in one currency and one time zone! You can even change these values on the settings window of the report you examine and Ecomsolo change the report on the fly!

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Shopify Look & Feel

On top of that, Ecomsolo is built with Shopify Polaris. As a result, Ecomsolo has a “Shopify” look & feel. It provides a congruent experience to shopify merchants. It is easy to navigate, and work with Ecomsolo without the need of any special how-to video. It looks like you are in a shopify dashboard, but you get all these amazing features out of the box.

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Reports on Multiple Shopify stores

Another challenge that merchants face when dealing with multiple shopify stores is reporting. So, how do you get reports on multiple stores. If you are using shopify or any other reporting shopify app, you have to follow the same process, meaning you have to create the report you want in each store and combine the reports in one file. And of course you have to convert multiple currencies and time zones to get accurate reports.

Ecomsolo provides advanced & customizable reports on multiple shopify stores with time zone and currency conversion out of the box. You can filter (using advanced filters), select the columns you want, select time zone and currency and there you have it. You get your report on the fly. You report on all your stores in one go.

Furthermore, you can download your report, in any common format you want and you can also choose your destination, between email, ftp, google drive, and google sheets. To go one step further, with Ecomsolo you can schedule your report to be produced and delivered to you automatically whenever you want.


With Ecomsolo, managing multiple shopify stores becomes a pleasure instead of a challenge. And you can try it for free!

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